shishito peppers- raw

Last Summer I was enthralled with Padrón peppers. Incredibly easy to prepare, the Padrón pepper is a little like playing Russian roulette, most are sweet but every once in a while you get a HOT one. Invariably my heat sensitive bestie would nab the hottest one and set her pretty little mouth on fire. There is no rhyme or reason to their heat, size and shape do not matter, but they are so ridiculously yummy and worth the suspense. Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend it camping in Yosemite with some of the best people on the planet, and I brought a few pounds of Shishito peppers to throw on the BBQ. Shishito peppers are very similar to the Padrón pepper, a little thinner and oiler, but with the same 1 out of 10 odds that you will get a spicy one. I drizzled olive oil and lemon salt into a plastic bag full of these delectable veggies, put them in a grill basket and let them blister on the fire. They are also perfect for skewers if you do not have a grill basket. Enjoy Shishito peppers year round.