watermelon 2

salad duo makes a meal

basil. watermelon. peach. balsamic.

citrus dressing. garlic prawns. green salad.

I have this compulsion to invite people over and feed them. I am not the most organized hostess and I actually do not even like that word. “Hostess”. It makes me think of forced seating arrangements and jell-o molds. I prefer casual, organic get togethers that occur in nature. Someone caught fish, let’s cook it. I have a plethora of zucchini, let’s eat it. Sometimes I just invite random people that I love over and try new recipes. This week I was inspired by my basil plant I have managed to keep alive in this tropical heat wave, and my dearest friend and her new dietary restrictions. I used 1/2 the case of white peaches I picked up last weekend, watermelon spears (from Trader Joes), fresh chiffonade basil and a little balsamic for the first salad. I sprinkled some black pepper on it as well. It was savory enough for dinner, but could have easily been dessert possibly with added blueberries.

The second salad I needed to avoid some of my salad staples (nuts, cheese). For the base of the salad I used:

Organic mixed greens

Hericot verts

Mixed medley cherry tomatoes

English cucumber


The dressing/marinade:

Orange juice

Fresh lime juice

Organic honey

Olive oil

Whisk the ingredients for the dressing, pour half of it in a plastic bag with the prawns, 3-4 cloves of chopped garlic and some parsley. Let it sit for about a half hour. Saute in a pan over medium heat until cooked through and pink. Use the remaining marinade as a dressing.

I served gluten-free garlic bread and grilled corn as well, and we had some amazing halibut to add to the spread as well. We ate family style and managed to eat it all, which just makes clean up easier. I am grateful for nights like this, with conversation and delicious food. Old friends meeting new friends. Finish the evening with a stroll with a view and give thanks, this is the good life.